if permanent teeth don't grow

What happen when permanent teeth don’t grow. According to recent estimates, some 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth—that’s around three quarters of U.S. adults over age 20. Some teeth are lost due to decay or accidents, while others may have been extracted to resolve dental issues such as crowding in the jaw…

Sadly, about 27% of seniors over the age of 65 have no remaining teeth, as per the NIDCR. A study by CW Douglas indicated that in 2000, 35.4 million people in the US wore dentures, and the number will increase to 37.9 million by 2020. The Silberg Center for Dental Science advises that loss of tooth among…


An article about the danger of e-cigarettes published in Dentistry Today take note of E-cigarette explosions happen much more frequently than most people think, resulting in severe injuries such as third-degree burns and lacerations, lost fingers, teeth, and eyes, and even death, according to an analysis of Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) data by Matthew Rossheim,…

pain in dental treatment

My dentist consultant suggested that “drilling” is a “scary” term and we might use others that have less of a “cringe” factor. Maybe it’s “preparing the tooth, adjusting the tooth enamel, removing the decay, or smoothing the tooth surface with a diamond instrument.” After a recent dental visit, I went to meet with a colleague….

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