A great team exceeds the sum of its partners…

Dr. Hamid Nassery and Dr. Gloria Alvareztorre, the Real Smile Dental Clinics founders are both graduates of Boston University of Dental Medicine in 1992.

As dental students they met, dated and fell in love. When they moved to Miami Beach Florida and started their life together they both began their dental practices.

‘Founder’ is a state of mind, not just a description.

In doing so, as they grew in their understanding of caring for and not only just treating patients dental concerns but more so, in getting to the root cause of certain dental issues.

Digging deeper they realized many other oral and physical symptoms patients were having were coming from a Physiologic combination. Using the five principles of Physiologic Function is what helped to create the foundation for the Real Smile Clinics.



The keys to brand success are professionalism, innovation and authenticity.

Slowly as different students locally and from other countries around the world would come interning and shadowing Dr. Nassery over the last 10 years, it was becoming clearer that this could actually be something that Dr. Nassery could develop and branch out. Creating a brand of different groups of offices which would practice the type of philosophy. Bringing this higher level of Physiologic Dentistry to more locations reaching more patients who also could appreciate this philosophy and want a deeper sense of well being is what the vision of the founders could start to see.

So you could say that the Real Smile Dental Clinics formulated this over the last 25 years of practice and now we present this to you.