Citric acid and spicy 6-gingerol from ginger not only add flavor to food and beverages, they also stimulate the molecular defenses in saliva, according to the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology. In addition to mucosal and immune cells, saliva includes a large number of molecules that perform a wide…

Let us make a smile Superhero out of you! Miami Beach and North Miami Dental Clinics.

Frequent headaches could be a sign of Jaw/ Head misalignment. Physiologic dentistry can help, call us and let’s make an evaluation that could change your quality of life.

Life is too short and precious to live with illfitting dentures. Implants can be the answer. Quality of life, matters. Talk to us about your options.

Is more than just Take a bite !! Joints need to be treat as joints and muscles as muscles. Cervical influence and bio-functional dynamics.

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