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Digital Dental Practice

Digital Dental Practice in Miami Beach, and North Miami, FL

Digital dentistry is clean, quick, less expensive, and environmentally friendly. It includes the use of dental technologies or gadgets with computer-based or digital components. Digital dentistry is used for a variety of applications, including imaging, scanning, and digital design. It is beneficial to increase strength, reduce costs, and increase practice efficiency. At Real Smile Dentistry, we offer Digital dentistry to make your recovery more comfortable and faster. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Florida.

Digital Dental Practice Near Me in Miami Beach and North Miami FL
Digital Dental Practice Near Me in Miami Beach and North Miami FL

Table of Contents:

What does digital dentistry do?
What is the difference between traditional and digital dentistry?
What are the examples of digital dentistry?
What are the advantages of digital dentistry?

The continuing advancement of technology plays a massive role in the development of every field, particularly in medicine. Digital dentistry is not an exception and has been able to benefit substantially through the innovative technology that continues to improve and develop on a daily basis, resulting in much more effective treatment that is not only more comfortable but also often more affordable.

What does digital dentistry do?

Digital dentistry is the innovative implementation of new technology including computer-aided tools in order to provide even more effective and accurate dental treatments than before. The addition of new technology and digitized tools allows for dentists to have even better visuals of the hard to see and reach areas of the mouth, makes creating accurate impressions, and diagnosing conditions much more effective, enhancing the quality and efficacy of care that is provided for patients. As technology continues to advance, as does the ability to more accurately diagnose and treat patients in every medical field, including dentistry. Digital dentistry not only benefits the dentists, but also can provide a much more comfortable treatment process for the patient and even allows them to have access to in depth imaging to better understand what is going on in their own mouth and what treatments are doing.

What is the difference between traditional and digital dentistry?

The most significant difference between traditional and digital dentistry is in the methods used to achieve diagnosis and treatment. Traditional dentistry relies on the manual use of the tools that have been used in dentistry for years, and while those tools are still frequently used and are reliable, they are not able to provide as precise of imaging or as accurate of treatment as what is now available through technology. One of the easiest examples to use when comparing traditional versus digital dentistry is the tools that are used to see the back corners of the teeth and gums, namely the little handheld mirror that majority of dentists use to gain a visual on the touch to see parts of their patient’s mouth. The new digital version of this mirror is a small camera that can produce an image onto a monitor in real time, with zoom capabilities, allowing both the dentist and the patient to see what exactly is going on in the image and to zoom in to see much smaller details that would likely otherwise be missed.

Traditional dentistry is still very effective and vital in maintaining the oral health of everyone around the globe, but the inclusion of new technology will only enhance the quality and accuracy of treatment moving forward.

What are the examples of digital dentistry?What are the examples of digital dentistry?

There are quite a few common examples of new additions into the dentistry field through technology that have benefitted dental professionals and patients. Some of the common examples include:

Intraoral cameras: A tiny camera to replace the small mirrors commonly used in traditional dentistry that include high quality magnification as well as imaging capabilities to refer to the images captured at a later time or demonstrate to patients more easily.

Digital impressions: Instead of having to sit in the dentist’s chair for several minutes waiting for the thick mold to harden around your teeth and then wait for days or weeks for an external technician to create a customized retainer for you, dentists are able to used technology to provide accurate imaging of the teeth and gums that can be used to create a 3D printed retainer that will fit perfectly in much less time, without the degree of discomfort typically required to make dental impressions.

Digital radiography: Faster and more detailed x-ray images when produced digitally, resulting in more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Disease screening tools: there are several screening tools that have been developed that offer significantly increased accuracy in diagnosing a variety of oral health conditions.

What are the advantages of digital dentistry?

The advantages of digital dentistry are endless and the list continues to grow as more technological advancements are achieved, but the most substantial advantages include more detailed imaging and increased comfort for patients, making accurate diagnoses and treatments much more achievable. Digital dentistry has also proven to bring down the total costs of dental care for the average patient, making maintaining proper oral health more accessible for everyone.

A digital dental practice is ultimately convenient and beneficial for patients. If you are looking for digital dentistry, Real Smile Dentistry may be the right choice for you. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you. We serve patients from Miami Beach FL, North Miami FL, Greater Miami FL, Midtown FL, Miami Shores FL, Aventura FL, Wynwood FL, Little Haiti FL, Dodge Island FL, and Pinewood FL.


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