Full Mouth Dental Implants

Expert Dental Implant Surgery For Lasting Results

At Real Smile Dental Clinics in Miami Beach and North Miami, we understand the challenges and self-consciousness that come with missing teeth. Our expert dentists utilize advanced technologies like Teeth-in-a-day and All-on-4® to offer dental implants, the premier solution for tooth loss. These durable implants not only restore oral health and function but also ensure a confident smile that lasts for decades.

Lasting Benefits Of Dental Implants

Lasting Benefits Of Dental Implants

Comparing Your Tooth Replacement Options

Many patients are familiar with dental bridges and traditional dentures as standard solutions for missing teeth. However, bridges need healthy adjacent teeth to be modified for support. Dentures, on the other hand, can become loose, causing discomfort during eating, speaking, or even smiling. Neither of these options stimulate the jawbone, which is essential for maintaining its health. Dental implants, offered at Real Smile Dentistry, are the contemporary solution designed to address these concerns and more.

Anchored securely to your jawbone, dental implants restore over 99% of natural biting and chewing power. They can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch. With dental implants, you can eat comfortably, smile confidently, and enjoy an overall improved quality of life.

Comparing Your Tooth Replacement Options

Three Steps To A New Smile

Step 1: Consultation

Every patient’s journey with dental implants is unique. At Real Smile Dentistry, we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs. During your consultation with our dental professionals in Miami Beach and North Miami, we’ll assess your dental and medical health, understand your smile aspirations, and chart out a detailed treatment plan.

Step 2: Full Mouth Dental Implant Surgery

Your treatment will begin with the administration of sedation to ensure a pain-free experience. If preliminary treatments like tooth extractions or bone grafting are needed, they can often be completed in the same appointment. Using a custom surgical guide, the dental implants will be precisely placed. We use only top-quality dental implants to ensure the longevity of your treatment. Most patients can receive their new teeth immediately after the implant placement.

Step 3: Final Smile

The healing process post-surgery might span a few months. During this time, the implants will bond with your jawbone. Once healed, you’ll receive your final, customized restorations. With proper care, these implants and the accompanying restorations can last a lifetime, letting you eat, laugh, and smile without any reservations.