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Dental Implants Costs Miami Beach

Dental Implants Costs in Miami Beach, FL

Many patients find that dental implants are worth the expense. If you would like to learn more about dental implants, call us or schedule an appointment with a dental implant specialist in Miami Beach, FL.

Dental Implants Costs Near Me in Miami Beach, FL
Dental Implants Costs Near Me in Miami Beach, FL

Table of Contents:

How Much Does It Cost to Have Dental Implants with Insurance?
How to determine the exact costs of your dental implants?
What are the main factors of the costs?

There are many advantages to dental implants. They allow replacement teeth to merge naturally with the rest of your teeth for a beautiful smile and are more convenient for cleaning and eating. Still, the cost of dental implants is always an important factor to consider for patients. In what follows, you can learn helpful information about the costs of dental implants.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Dental Implants with Insurance?

The cost of dental implants with insurance depends on the portion your insurance provider is willing to cover. While your insurance provider will likely provide some coverage for dental implants, that amount varies with different plans and providers. Some providers may cover dental implants in full, while others may only cover 50 percent of the total fee or less.
To find out how much of your dental implant fee your insurance provider will cover, you can review your benefits information on your online account or pamphlet provided when you started with the provider. You can also call your insurance provider directly to find out how much they cover for dental implant costs.

How to determine the exact costs of your dental implants?

The best way to determine the exact costs of your dental implants is to have an initial consultation with a dental implant specialist. During this consultation, the dentist can examine your dental health and implant needs. With this examination, they can determine what work will need to be done to provide you with dental implant treatment.
If they conduct a thorough dental examination with 3D imaging as part of the consultation, they will be able to determine if you need a bone graft in your jaw bone to sufficiently support the implant.
After the consultation, they can provide a complete breakdown of the expected costs of dental implants. This breakdown may include costs such as:
– Comprehensive dental exam
– Tooth extractions
– Installation of the dental implant
– Placement of the bridge and abutment
– Fabrication of the dental crown
– Placement of the crown
With this complete breakdown of expected costs, you can have the clinic send in a coverage request to your insurance provider. Your insurance provider will review the coverage request and send a predetermination back to you or your clinic informing you of how much they will cover should you proceed with dental implant treatment.

What are the main factors of the costs?

Various factors influence the cost of dental implants. These factors include:

– The materials used for the crown, bridge and abutment
– How many implants are being installed
– What type of anesthesia the doctor uses for the procedure
– The location of the clinic and average prices in the surrounding area
– Your gum and jawbone health
Some materials are more durable or aesthetically pleasing than others for dental implants. These factors may cause prices to increase. Moreover, implants are priced individually. So, the more implants you need, the more treatment will cost. However, you can minimize the cost of multiple implants with bridges. Bridges can support three or four abutments and crowns on only two implants, decreasing costs than if you used four individual implants.
Further, the price of implants will increase if you need a bone graft or tooth extraction. The tooth extraction will have its own fee, while bone grafts will require more intensive surgery. Bone grafts are necessary when the jawbone lacks sufficient density to support the implant. Since they require more intensive surgery, they may also need stronger anesthesia, further increasing costs.
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