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With the new reuptake of Covid-19 numbers in Florida, we have seen the re-emergence of fear and concern among our patients regarding their dental visits. Though we understand human nature and the fear factor we want to reassure you that visiting dental practices has shown to be one of the safest activities possible. 

The precautions we have taken at the Real Smile Clinics have been working and we continue to keep our guards up. In these last 8 weeks of opening, we have remained safe and healthy. 

Having tested every week, we know that our protocols are working correctly and all of the Real Smile Team and Doctors are staying Virus-free. Hooray for our team! 

We are back on track and treating patients as normal. Emphasizing on what we do best:

  • Physiologic dental work, Orthopedics, Implants, Restorative Care, early childhood Ortho Intervention, Airway, Breathing, Myofunctional Exercises, and Sleep. 
  • All the while, maintaining your dental foundation of Exams, Checkups, X-rays with dental hygiene cleaning appointments. 

Seeing so many of you one by one each day in our schedule makes us feel good!

Speak with you at your next appointment.


Dr. Hamid Nassery and the Real Smile Team

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