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When it comes to self-care, Lisa Bohmart is not one to drop the ball. The Manhattan social worker keeps up her running routine, salon highlights, and even Botox appointments faithfully. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit, that she decided to do something about her teeth. “I felt like this was the last frontier,” says the…

realsmile dentistry miami

A hidden epidemic of shrinking jaws is behind many orthodontic and health issues, Stanford researchers say. The shrinking of the human jaw in modern humans is not due to genetics but is a lifestyle disease that can be proactively addressed, according to Stanford researchers. For many of us, orthodontic work – getting fitted with braces,…

dental emergency

Like cavities and gum disease, many dental problems develop gradually after months (or years!) of dental-health neglect. But sometimes, pain or sensitivity in your teeth can come on suddenly, and you may need immediate dental care, either at the emergency room or from your dentist. It’s not always easy to know whether a tooth, gum,…

myofunctional therapy

Think of a healthy mouth and the first image that comes to mind may be a pearly-white smile. But while teeth may be the mouth’s most noticeable feature, they are only one part of the picture. Helping a smile look its best—or treating a problem in the oral cavity—often goes beyond the teeth. Many health…

trouble with mouth breathing

Inhale, exhale, and take note: Did you breathe through your nose or your mouth? Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose may seem like a trivial concern, but when mouth breathing becomes habitual, various oral health problems may result. For example, a dry mouth can lead to increased oral bacteria; this puts chronic mouth…

if permanent teeth don't grow

What happen when permanent teeth don’t grow. According to recent estimates, some 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth—that’s around three quarters of U.S. adults over age 20. Some teeth are lost due to decay or accidents, while others may have been extracted to resolve dental issues such as crowding in the jaw…

pain in dental treatment

My dentist consultant suggested that “drilling” is a “scary” term and we might use others that have less of a “cringe” factor. Maybe it’s “preparing the tooth, adjusting the tooth enamel, removing the decay, or smoothing the tooth surface with a diamond instrument.” After a recent dental visit, I went to meet with a colleague….

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