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Testimonials for Real Smile Dentistry in Miami Beach, and North Miami, FL

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Testimonials for Real Smile Dentistry in Miami Beach, FL and North Miami, FL
Testimonials for Real Smile Dentistry in Miami Beach, FL and North Miami, FL

I was impressed with every aspect. My initial contact was with the assistant by telephone. She was wonderful and got me an appointment for that morning. I was greeted warmly by everyone and didn’t have to wait at all to see dr. Nassery. I was highly impressed with every aspect of my visit and felt right at home. I now have a permanent dentist and feel I am in extremely capable hands.
– Jan S.

I have been patient for over 15 years! My family and I have been going to dr. Nassery for over 15 years! He is the nicest, most professional dentist in miami. He treats every person he meets like a human being, not like a number- and that’s what truly sets him apart. The staff is lovely as well. You will leave his office feeling like a new person or the same person with a better face and spirit  I couldn’t say enough about that office!.
– Ashley Gort

I was so fortunate to find dr Nassery when I moved to florida four years ago, because this practice is the best and most professional dental practice I have ever been to. As someone who routinely visited my previous dentist religiously three times a year for maintenance and cleaning I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to find he same level of comfort down here but was so relieved to find my comfort level surpassed with dr Nassery and all of the staff.
– Neil Krasner

Video Testimonials

Traveling all the way from the US Virgin Islands to get the help she needed

Timisa consulted with Dr. Nassery. Timisa did her homework by researching and visiting other doctors and specialist until she found an understanding and listening ear. Since her coming in to Real Smile, Timisa has been having relief from the headaches, jaw pain, neck tension and even lower back issues. She really feels this is worth the trip in and so does her mom who is now in a similar routine.

David realized that snoring and gasping in your sleep is a sign!

Life changed for David thru discovery of Obstructive Sleep Apnea issues on a visit to Dr. Hamid Nassery. From this visit David went on to do a Sleep Study, an ENT visit with Surgery, and then a specialized Sleep Appliance was made with Dr. Nassery. As David went forward and wore this sleep appliance, each night his sleep improved. What a difference this has made. His wife is happier he’s quieter and a healthier sleeper too!

Sweet Norma suffered from Sleep Apnea. Now she is sleeping so much better and feeling refreshed!

California to Miami is worth the trip for good healthcare. Sleep Apnea is no fun! Norma often woke up tired and grumpy from not sleeping thru the night.

She was relieved to find out from her children’s referral, that Dr. Nassery could help her with these issues. She came out from California to meet with him. Dr. Nassery listened to her situation and examined her bite.

He then made a special mouthpiece to help her with with her airway and breathing.
Now she is happily sleeping more solid and restful waking up feeling refreshed!

Nora’s Beautiful Smile Transformation! 12 Implant Retained Reconstruction and Sleep Appliance

Nora wanted to have a change to her smile. She needed dental implants but was also having some concerning issues with her gums being infected. She trusted Dr. Nassery’s 25 years of experience working with all types of smiles and they spoke about all her options together.

She had a successful full mouth reconstruction with 12 dental implants. Nora is so happy with her smile now!

Dr. Nassery also understood her sleep issues and fitted Norma with a specialized Sleep Appliance to conquer Obstructive Sleep Apnea for better airway and breathing. She is feeling great!

Patient Michelle suffering from Migraines and Radiating Pains. TMJ and Neuromuscular Therapy.

Long standing Migraines and Radiating Pains down the side of her face and into the neck.
Dr. Nassery worked with Michelle using TMJ and Neuromuscular Therapy. This helped tremendously.

Michelle’ visits with Dr. Nassery for adjusting her bite over a short period of time corrected these symptoms and Michelle found relief for a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.
Now she only comes to Real Smile Dental Office for routine and dental maintenance appointments.

Feedback from our patients

“Wow! Dentist offices can be quite intimidating but not this one! What a welcoming, friendly, & super clean atmosphere! I am super grateful to the staff for accommodating me today! Before visiting I heard great things from my mom and sister and I was not disappointed! Thank you again.”
– Yolanda Ellis

“I was sent to Dr. Nassery because I was grinding my teeth so badly. I believed i was just getting a new mouth piece to sleep with. 2 years later, I have worked with their team to live better life. I did not realize that my 20/30 days a month of migraines were due to my alignment of my jaw and c1/c2 vertebrae. I had no idea he was going to get me off my topamax and botox injections. I could lead a lie without such pain. What an amazing team at this office. I will not go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Nassery.”
– Jennifer F.

“We’ve been Real Smile clients for many, many years, including our adult children before they relocated. Both Drs. Davis & Nassery are excellent & exemplary in their professionalism. Their staff are warm, courteous & helpful. It’s always a pleasant experience every visit. We give our 5 star & A+ok.
– Butch-Roxanne Flores

“Highest standard of award-winning, professional care, attentive courteous staff, and personalized attention to provide the best dental experience! So many good things to say!”
– Elizabeth Potter

“Everyone in the office is great!
Donna is a wonderful, caring Dental Hygienist, and Dr. Nassery is an Outstanding Dentist who is up to date with the newest dental procedures.”
– Lois Tepper

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