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Tooth Extraction Dentist in North Miami

Tooth Extraction Dentist in North Miami, FL

Are you suffering from a lot of cavities, broken teeth, crowded teeth, or dental damage? A tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which teeth are removed by using a specialized tool to gently lose teeth and left from the socket after applying a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. In order to treat cavities, gum disease, infections, problems with wisdom teeth, and other dental issues, Drs. Gloria Alvareztorre and Hamid Nassery, DMD, PA, offer tooth extraction dentist at Real Smile Dentistry to relieve severely damaged or infected dental pain. To learn more about the procedure, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 1811 NE 123rd St, North Miami, FL 33181.

Tooth Extraction Dentist Near Me in North Miami, FL
Tooth Extraction Dentist Near Me in North Miami, FL

Table of Contents:

How much does a tooth extraction cost?
How to prepare for a tooth extraction?
What is the procedure for a tooth extraction?
Who performs tooth extraction?
Where can I find a dentist for my tooth extraction in North Miami, FL?

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the jaw bone. Tooth extractions are performed for a variety of reasons, including to relieve crowding and make room for dentures, to remove severely decayed teeth, and to remove impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth. During the procedure, the dentist injects local anesthetic to numb the area and makes an incision in the gum to expose the tooth. The dentist then removes the tooth using forceps and possibly other equipment.

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

The cost for tooth extraction varies widely depending on several factors, which will be unique in every situation. One of the main factors affecting the price of a tooth extraction is whether or not the tooth is impacted. An impacted tooth is a tooth that is wedged between another tooth and the jaw, which makes it hazardous to other teeth and obstructive to functions like chewing and talking.

The cost of a simple extraction typically ranges between $75 and $200 per tooth, although other factors may affect this price, such as the type of anesthesia you need. Because impacted teeth usually require surgical methods to remove, the cost to remove impacted teeth is significantly higher and can range anywhere from several hundred dollars to a few thousand. As many services are adjusted to an area’s cost of living, where you decide to get the procedure done can also impact how much you pay for the procedure.

How to prepare for a tooth extraction?

There are many ways to prepare for a tooth extraction, from the initial evaluation to discussing medical history openly and honestly. One of the vital prerequisites for a tooth extraction is an x-ray of the tooth in question; this will help the dentist determine the best plan of action. In addition to this, be sure to tell your dentist about any medications you take, including over-the-counter drugs, supplements and vitamins.

After the procedure, patients should avoid any treatments that use an intravenous drug called bisphosphonate. If necessary, the extraction should be done before the drug treatment, or else the patient could be at risk of osteonecrosis (bone death).

Discuss any of the following conditions:

– A congenital heart defect
– Diabetes
– Liver disease
– Thyroid disease
– Renal disease
– Hypertension
– An artificial joint
– Damaged heart valves
– Adrenal disease
– An impaired immune system
– A history of bacterial endocarditis

What is the procedure for a tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions are simple yet extremely effective dental procedures that involve the removal of one or more of a patient’s teeth. The process begins by numbing the area where the tooth is located to reduce discomfort and ensure a more relaxed experience for the patient. Once the area is numbed, the dentist will gently loosen the tooth from the socket and use special dental tools to remove it from the mouth. In some instances, the tooth may need to be further broken down into smaller pieces to facilitate its removal.

Who performs tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions are performed by dentists. Simple extractions can be performed by general dentists, whereas complex extractions may require the expertise of a dental specialist.

Where can I find a dentist for my tooth extraction in North Miami, FL?

If you live in North Miami, FL, and are looking for a trusted and qualified dentist to perform a tooth extraction, come to Real Smile Dentistry, where you can see the difference in quality care! Our dentists are specially trained in tooth extractions and can ensure that your procedure goes as smoothly as possible, providing you with the best outcomes and long-term results.

For tooth extractions in North Miami, FL, trust the professionals at Real Smile Dentistry! Contact us today to book an appointment with our tooth extraction dentist, or visit one of our two clinics today! We have two locations to serve you better: one in Miami Beach, FL; and one in North Miami, FL. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from North Miami FL, Biscayne Park FL, Miami Shores FL, Surfside FL, Keystone Islands FL, Bal Harbour Shops FL, San Souci Estates FL, and surrounding areas.


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