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The Patient Portal is a new digital services that RealSmile Dental Clinics is developing to launch during 2018, it will give to each patient instant access to their complete health information.

The patient will easily navigate the portal. A complete menu indicates each feature the patient can access:

  • Appointments: View the patient’s scheduled and completed appointments and other action needed items, such as eConfirmations that need confirmed.
  • Account: View payments and statements. Make online credit card payments.
  • Treatment Plan: View the patient’s saved Treatment Plans.
  • WebMail: View and send private Secure WebMail messages (between provider and patient).
  • Care Summary: View, download, or transmit Summaries of Care. (EHR)
  • Images: View PDFs and image files stored in Images Module folders shared to the Patient Portal


The Appointments area will show all of the patient’s appointments and any outstanding action items, such as sent eConfirmations that have not yet been confirmed, or Web Sched Recall notifications for appointments not yet scheduled.

Also, it will allow new patients to schedule their first appointment online via thru our website. Scheduled appointments will instantly show in Patient Portal’s appointment schedule and a new patient record will be automatically created. Optionally we could send to the patient an automated notification with appointment details.

Web Forms

Web Forms will allow patients to fill out and submit forms online using any browser, avoiding printed forms.

And Much More Features…

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